Introduction to Go Interfaces

  • A Go interface defines one or more methods.


Encapsulation Rules in Go


  • A brief introduction of Go modules and Semantic Import Versioning
  • A discussion about how to convert multiple Go libraries in the same repository to Go modules
  • A discussion about how to utilize Go Modules in microservices


Go Modules

What Is nil in Go

  • It represents “null” in Go. This means two things: 1. It does not have a type. 2. Its value is “null”.
  • It is a predeclared identifier in Go, which means you can use it without declaring it.
  • It represents zero values (and default values) of some types in Go, including interface types, pointer types, slice types, map types, channel types, function types.

Using nil as Zero Values

Using nil in Comparison

Two nil Values of Two Different Types Are Not Comparable




  • A Kubernetes cluster has one or more master nodes (for high availability purposes). A master node consists of the following core components:
  • etcd is used as a backing store for all the Kubernetes's cluster data.
  • controller manager is in…


Docker Containers


What Is A Deployment


What Is A StatefulSet

What Is A Kubernetes Service

Service Types


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